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How it works

Buying and using a Great British Pub card or e-gift is simple. Click on the Buy Gift Card tab and select a gift card or an e-gift.  Enter the amount that you would like to purchase and then check out using our secure checkout process. If you are buying a gift for someone, why not enter a personal message during the checkout process?

Once you have bought a Great British Pub Card, the gift will be dispatched via your chosen method with any personalisation that you have asked for.   

After the card has been received the recipient can visit Our Locations to find their nearest venue.  The Great British Pub Card can be redeemed in over 1,700 pubs across the UK, including Chef & Brewer pubs, Fayre & Square Pubs and Flaming Grill pubs.  

Once the recipient has found a venue, all they need to do is hand over their Great British Pub Card as payment and the cashier will do the rest! Once the card has been used, any remaining balance will stay on the card to use another time.

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