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5 Reasons You Need a GBPC This Festive Season


  1. A Great Way of Gifting Business Partners


We always talk about the benefits to your business of gift cards, but what about people who support your business? Whilst you are picking up some partners and affiliates and friends! Whether they are never out of the pub or could do with a break, a GBPC Gift Card means you can surprise them with free beer in their favourite member pubs where they can redeem the gift as they enjoy a good time, no matter where they live in the UK. Because there are 1000’s of venues they can cash in their card, it’s a great way to give them the gift of a new experience!  


  1. Prepare For Impromptu Meet Ups


After a busy year, Christmas season is a time to relax in preparation for the next year and reflect.  By loading up a GBPC with some money before the festive season, you won’t be caught unprepared when you decide to move your normal meeting venue to the pub! If you want to treat your team, or give them the power to go have a catch up without you, a GBPC allows you to send them on their way without messy expenses forms or the handling of cash which kills the spontaneous vibes!


Just check that you can pay for meals and wine at the local pub with a quick scan to see if they accept the GBPC Gift Card – you can use this link to see.


  1. A Good Way to Stick within the Budget


Christmas celebrations tempt people to overspend and forget about the New Year. You need to budget early for the celebrations and purchasing a Great British Pub Card is a good idea since you will determine how much to spend and where. If you know that you’ve been tasked with organising the Christmas party, wining and dining clients ready for January or even improving staff happiness by taking out key team members, a loaded pub card means you can keep an eye of spending, making life easier for your finance team and for you.


  1. Give Spot Awards to Special People


Christmas is the best time to say ‘thankyou’. No matter how ‘un-British’ it might feel to give people a pat on the back and to thank them for their amazing talent Christmas is a time when others show kindness – cards, free chocolates, bottles of wine and gifts are the currency of the season. If you want to say thanks but don’t want to over-egg the pudding, a simple Great British Pub Card gift card slipped into a Christmas card or an envelope and left on a desk does the trick and shows that they deserve appreciation. A Great British Pub Card also works even if you don’t know what this person is into – you can be sure they drink and eat!


  1. The GBPC Gift Card is Acceptable in Many Major Pubs


The real reason you should stock up is the flexibility of the card. Not only can you use the card in the 1700+ pubs that can redeem the GBPC gift card across the UK, unlike some other gift cards where you must go to a specific retail chain, the process of getting hold of some Great British Pub Cards is simple and takes such a short amount of time. Once you have them, you can always check the balance after using, and therefore, keep track of expenses and even reload them!


It’s the perfect choice for client gifting, employee dining and spot rewards - a gift that keeps on giving!


Apply for one today for a better Christmas experience! Why not take a look at the current menu, or head here to pick up a Gift Card today? Want to discuss it further? Talk to our expert! Contact Business Development Director Amy Morson via email at