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The 5 Golden Rules of the Office Xmas Party

We think a Great British Pub Card is the ideal method of managing your budget when it comes to the office party, but first, what are the rules of the Christmas party?  Yes, rules. Sadly, office parties don’t have the fun and carefree aura of any university parties you attended! You have to remain responsible, act like a grown up and network!


1.    Attend the Party


It sounds like a no brainer, but if you want to make a great impression at work, no matter what your level, you need to turn up to the party! So, cancel all plans you have for the night and attend even if you may want to skip the event altogether and catch up on the gossip the next day. Show your commitment to the company and make a difference to the atmosphere! Naturally, if you don’t arrive, colleagues may notice that you are missing…and instantly find a topic to discuss all night! 


2.    Drink Moderately


We know that with a Great British Pub Card, any manager can set a ‘drinks tab’ by team, individual or as a business in minutes. Gift cards make a great way to use currency without the very un-British handling of money! (If your boss isn’t putting a tab behind the bar – suggest that they do!)

Having said that, if you attend and have the pleasure of being able to use your Great British Pub Card, then don’t go too wild. Sure, it makes sense at 11:30pm to try the whole cocktail menu, and the flaming Sambuca’s, and something you can’t quite pronounce, but keep cool with just a few drinks! Even if your boss is getting legless, don’t emulate them!


3.    Mingle


Regardless if you attend with your partner, or you are just alone, mingle and talk to everyone. You can always shake hands, smile and exchange pleasantries, there is no harm in making some light small talk. In contrast, keeping quiet by the corner and/or drinking your troubles away is probably not the best use of your night!


4.    Have an After Party


It might not be on the same night, but if you are looking for a place to let loose and enjoy the year with all your office buddies, then wait until the after party, or make an after party the next week. The logical place to situate this get together would be a pub (if you have found house parties are few and far between since all of your mates are married and have kids fast asleep at home!)  


4.    Come to Work the Next Morning


Tomorrow will be just a few hours away, so whether you ignored or took our advice of moderate drinking, set an alarm for a time to leave so you can still get to work early or on time the next day. Also, don't forget to thank all those who made the night a success and help others get home.


And if you did get drunk and told the CEO what you really think of him - don’t fret - there are sure to be greener pastures elsewhere…!



Whether the boss is paying or if you are going rogue with your own shindig where you don’t have to be on your best behaviour, a good card you can put behind the bar is the key to a great night that doesn’t have to go in rounds. A Great British Pub card, redeemable in 1,700 pubs across the UK, is the right tool to prolong the night’s fun. Get the card loaded with money before the event and it’s all handled. Speak to us about the card here, or click here to take a look in more depth. You can order your card today, just in time for the big bash!