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Why are gift cards great for your business?
Considering a gift card purchase? We explain why it's a great idea!

1. They are low cost- yet high impact gifting options
Gift cards can be customized to suit any budget. Whilst employee rewards matter, at the same time you don't want them to take away a large chunk of your profits. That's why Gift cards are ideal for many businesses, allowing decent rewarding options without excess expenditure, all whilst giving that incentive for employees to work harder.

2. Gift cards are easy to store
The days of flimsy paper vouchers are long gone! As well as eCodes and eGifts, now receiving or giving a little joy in the form of a plastic card with a balance ready for spending is not uncommon. In fact, when it comes to rewarding at work with gift cards, it's a $5bn business! 

3. You can buy gift cards quickly
There is no need for you to go hunting for personalized gifts from various stores when gift cards and the internet exists! If you want to purchase, you can buy a Great British Pub Card online of any amount within the range of £5 to £250 and send them through email or text to your employees within a few seconds. They can redeem these eCodes at more than 3000 locations across UK. This is a time saving and effortless gifting idea.

4. Gift cards can be used for clients
You can give the Great British Pub Card to your clients as loyalty rewards as well as employees. This can increase your company's prestige and attract new customers to your brand - believe us, the news of a 'freebie' or 'perk'  really spreads quickly! If you are geographically unable to meet up for a meal or a drink - then the GBPC gift card comes in the form of the Pub gift card, Dining gift card and Food gift card which can give the sentiment of having a 'meal on you'. 

5. They are much better than cash rewards
Cash rewards are very common and get spent easily - mixed up with the everyday bills and small purchases, the takeaways, the cash for a taxi. Gift Cards give a monetary value, without any of the worries that the moment will be lost to such trivial purchases!  Things bought with gift cards can remind the employees that they should keep up their performance to get similar rewards in the future. Thus, gift cards are more effective rewarding options.

A Great British Pub Card Gift Card allows the lucky recipient to dine at over 750 restaurants all over the UK,  so if the recipient wants a family meal or a private chat about business, there’s bound to be somewhere to suit them.  Why not take a look at the current restaurants where you can redeem the card, or head here to pick up a Gift Card today?

If you just want to find out a bit more about our cards before you buy, contact Business Development Director Amy Morson via email