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Gift Cards ‘Most Wanted’ for Christmas, Say Employees

Why Giving Gift Cards to Your Employees Makes Sense

A Gift Card is an excellent reward, especially if you are new to rewarding. Unlike ordering 1000 hampers, personalised pens or trying to buy everyone a turkey, a Gift Card gives a tangible, monetary value, but with the added benefit of feeling like a gift that has been selected specifically for them. Anyone can withdraw money from a bank, but taking the time to select and buy a Gift Card, writing an accompanying note or email of thanks and ensuring it arrives just in time shows a real level of care. If you haven’t rewarded before, the British reaction is to maybe feel a bit squeamish about the whole process. Christmas is the ideal time to ‘test the waters’ in a safe environment – but imagine the thrill at the end of January when they get another reward – just for their hard work! Your employees will be thrilled!

Don’t forget that Gift cards make sense not only for accounting purposes as a gift or promotion, but also make sense for employees -  cash payments will only be absorbed by the daily expenses of living, whereas gift cards can be used exclusively to buy a treat!  This will reinforce the value, help raise morale and the gifting process helps to create a strong relationship. Don’t forget you can also use Gift cards for business partners and affiliates too!

You will Save Time and Money


If you are planning to reward your best-performing employees, looking for gifts individually can be time-consuming and expensive. In addition, it can also be a source of jealousy since some of your employees will think that other workers have received ‘a better gift’. By providing them with gift cards, employees will receive an equal amount of money, or different funds can be discreetly given, if appropriate. It’s less showy than turning up with a box of chocolates for Employee A and giving a bottle of champagne to Employee B.


The Gift Card is a Practical Option

We all enjoy a meal or drink out, especially at this time of year! A Great British Pub Card helps employees visit their local establishments to enjoy a little bit of merriment – and who can deny them – after all, their boss gave them a Great British Pub Card – it would be rude not to spend a few extra hours with their workmates!

On the flip side, you’ll benefit from more team bonding, and know that you’ve given a gift they really like!

The Great British Pub card, redeemable in 1,700 pubs across the UK, is the very best way to reward employees and give them a gift they’ll love – not a turkey!

Speak to us about the card here, or click here to take a look in more depth. You can order your card today, ready for the festive season.